Future of Broughton will be decided by a referendum

How and where new housing can be fitted in around Broughton village is a sticking point for the area’s new development plan.

Parish councillors are to re-think this section of the proposal for the future of Broughton.

The Neighbourhood Plan is due to be put to villagers in a referendum.

Any new housing would have to be small-scale to maintain the Broughton area’s present character.

Chairwoman of Broughton Parish Council Ann Hastings said: “This is particularly welcome given the pressures for major development that the village is facing as we now have the date for the opening of the bypass.

“These pressures make it even more important that the area has a Neighbourhood Plan to control and shape the form of future development.

“Any development needs to be in line with the plan and the local community’s priority to safeguard the village’s rural character and setting, and to maintain an ‘Area of Separation’ from Preston’s urban area.”

An independent examiner made his recommendations on the report, praising the level of consultation that had been taken with Broughton communities.

More than 100 villagers attended a consultation event at the Marriott Hotel as part of putting together the plan.

Parish councillors are now working to amend the Neighbourhood Plan before it goes to a referendum – pending approval of Preston City Council.

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