Here’s how the new Adelphi roundabout is due to work

One of the main roundabouts in Preston is to change beyond all recognition.

Adelphi roundabout – to be renamed Adelphi Square – is to see up to £60million spent on changing the road layout in the area and new buildings.

The University of Central Lancashire has been working with Lancashire County Council to create a layout with a similar feel to the Fishergate scheme.

Plans agreed by cabinet member for highways, county councillor John Fillis, show a new layout for the Adelphi area.

The main change is Adelphi Street becomes one-way heading into the campus, and the roundabout itself is filled in with three smaller mini-roundabouts taking its place.

A one-way system is effectively created around Fylde Road, Adelphi Street, Brook Street and Fylde Road.

Entry into the roundabout area from Moor Lane, Walker Street, Corporation Street and Fylde Road is maintained.

You can see a detailed architects drawing of the new road layout on the county council website (pick Appendix A).

what the new public square will look like on what was the Adelphi roundabout

Work on the new layout is to cost the county council around £157,000 in design fees – and the actual roadworks will be paid for by UCLan as part of its multi-million pound masterplan.

UCLan says it wants the new public square to create an ‘attractive and inviting environment’ for residents and students.

Chief operation officer Michael Ahern said: “We’re working very closely with our partners Lancashire County Council to produce these early stage designs. We have already shared our proposals with the local community including disability groups and cyclists. Feedback has been good, with more sessions for the general public planned during the spring. We are very keen to hear views from the entire community and incorporate suggestions where possible.

“The objective of our finalised designs is to help knit together a campus which is safe and accessible for all.”

If agreed work could begin within the next 18 months and would lead to two years of roadworks.

What do you think of the proposals?

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