Robbie Burns

How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?
I’ve worked in radio for a number of years and I’ve known about City Beat for some time and contacted someone at the station to see how I could get involved in the local area and the rest is history!
What’s your favourite thing about Saturday’s on City Beat?
I love just being able to talk to people and hopefully make them smile with great music and chat about random stuff I’ve got up to during the week.
If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?
Ooh, that’s a tough one… I’d probably say Robbie Williams, not only because I’m named after him, but because he’s just an all round nice bloke.
Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?
As well as working for City Beat, I’m a web developer and voiceover artist, so you may hear me doing impressions of Peter Dickson from The X Factor or even Marcus Bentley, the voice of Big Brother. I’m also a graphic designer and dog lover and love all things technology, even though they go wrong 80% of the time
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Jason Marx

How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

I just sort of fell into it. . . Graham Swift tripped me.

What’s your favourite thing about “In The Mix”?

Two things really. Firstly I’d say the interaction, I love talking about music especially when I’ve been playing older records not only because it’s nice to draw parallels between the past & the present, but it evokes memories. People get in touch over social media or collar me in the pub to tell me more about the scenes & the tunes, as a DJ it’s brought me soo much more information & music than I could ever hope to gain from documentaries. Secondly the show takes me through every aspect of my favorite parts about my weekly DJ schedule, I go right from the cocktail bar (soulful funky house) onto the warm up of a bar/club (quick fire Jackin House, Garage & Electro) right through to the peak of a main room (Progressive House, Big Room & Drum & Bass). I like to think of it as a bite-sized night out, what a breakfast barm is to a full English all the same ingredients in a handy little package.

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Liam Howlet from The Prodigy! My favourite band. They perforate musical classification like a scaffolding tube through a car windscreen. Pure unbending raw power, you don’t so much go “I think that goes under electro.” as go “AHHHHH! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!”

The depth of musical knowledge used to source such a weird & wonderful variety of samples & transform them into stadium destroyers is just mind boggling. Would love to get in the mind of the man who turned down collaborating with Madonna via a 30-second phone call. That clarity of vision proven by 25 years of bossing the game on their own terms with 5 consecutive number one albums, gods.

That said I’d probably just sit down & go “Love you.”


Catch Jason’s show every Friday & Saturday 10-11

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Nigel James

How did you get into radio?
I was DJing at a Nightclub in Bury and was asked to present a show on an RSL station Bury sound FM (now tower FM) and just fell in love with presenting from there.
Whats your fav thing about doing ACCESS ALL AREAS and the Motown show?
I love a good gossip, who doesn’t and if its celebrity’s even better find out the latest celeb news and just playing great music and my love for music continues with the Motown show playing classic hits and northern soul stompers.
If you could have 1 guest on ACCESS ALL AREAS who would it be?
Deffo Robbie Williams Mr Entertainment what a showman I would love to find out what makes if tick I was lucky enough to meet and interview Lemar last year at Lytham Festival what a nice guy.
What hobbies do u have outside CityBeat?
I love spending time with my kids and getting out on the golf course and following Man UTD
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Bradley Hutchinson

How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

I started at CityBeat about a year ago on a ten week work placement for my uni course. I carried on working at CityBeat after the placement finished doing news and sport then eventually taking over the social media.

Citybeat is my first job in radio and it has been a great opportunity for me that I’ve really enjoyed and look forward to doing more with in the future.

What’s your favourite thing about The Student Takeover Show?

My favourite thing about the student takeover is the opportunity to get real students involved and discuss student issues and funny student problems, Preston has a very large student community so there’s a big audience for it.

I also like being able to play good tunes to get everyone in the mood for going out on student nights.

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Very tough question, probably would have to be Noel Gallagher because I grew up listening to oasis and he always does a very good interview so I’d like the chance to do it, I’d like to think I could have a good laugh with him.

Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?

I am a third year Uclan student studying media and film, of course I have a very interest in all different types of music I’d like the chance to play a few different of my favourite music genres on Citybeat I.e house, grime, indie rock. I am a pne fan which is why I enjoy the chance to report on them for Citybeat

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Kirsty Smith

Kirsty is one of 2 volunteers that look after the website…

How did you get into working at CityBeat?

I was asked by Ben Martin if I would like to help out with the website and here I am helping out

Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?

I live in preston with my 3 kids (2boys 1girl) nightmares but I love them, full time single mum, 32 years young/old

so when I’m not helping out on the website I enjoy spending time with my kids, my sisters and 2 nephews, I also like to listen to music, watch my soaps I also love photography

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Tim Fernandez

How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

I first started in radio at BBC Radio Lancashire as a news reporter, having previously worked as a journalist in local newspapers. My first experience of doing a live news event was covering the local elections as an anchorman at one of the voting counts. It was incredibly nerve racking but a tremendous rush when you went out live on air. I also got my first taste of presenting at the station and knew instantly this was something I would love.

What’s your favourite thing about Indie Rock Heaven?

I love the fact that the priority of the show is to give exposure to new music and new bands and provide that all important alternative to what you hear on daytime radio. We aim to play the very best in indie, alternative rock, punk and electronic music and also feature interviews with some of the leading indie and alternative acts on tour in the North West. If it’s cutting edge sounds you want, you’ll find it on our show every week.

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Ideally it would have been Nirvana but sadly that’s no longer possible. But right now it would probably be Everlast (formerly of rap crew House of Pain). He’s become one of the finest solo artists and songwriters of our generation and hearing him play in our studios would be electric!

Also from a purely selfish point of view I’d probably go for the actress Charlize Theron. Hopefully she’d be a fan of alternative music but I think we could talk just about anything and I’d be suitably enthralled!

Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?

I am a big sports and fitness fan so you’ll often found me at the gym or on the football pitch. I also have a growing passion for my rock guitar so you’ll often find me cranking up the riifs at home when the neighbours are out.

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Judge Jules

International DJ, Producer & Presenter and More

Judge Jules first took to the decks as a new kid on the block in the late eighties whilst studying law at university, hence the ‘Judge’. This launched a career that went on to notch up millions of miles, thousands of pairs of decks rocked and countless gigs in far-flung destinations, as well as the odd dirty warehouse thrown in for good measure. Jules’ DJ sets are the epitome of what DJing is about – passion and crowd-connection, memorable tunes and hands capable of the most mouthwatering mixing.

Winner of a huge list of awards, Jules has earned his place amongst the DJ aristocracy with such accolades as – Best DJ (Muzik Awards), No.1 DJ (Mixmag readers’ poll), Best International DJ (Dancestar Awards), and Best Radio DJ at the Smirnoff Dancestars and regular Top 10 positioning in Dj Mag’s Top 100 Dj’s poll, peaking at no. 3 in the world!!

Clubs, festivals and Ibiza

Judge Jules is one of the most popular, in-demand and influential figures in dance music, playing some of the most sought-after gigs, both on his home turf of the United Kingdom and around the globe.  Time is divided between club shows and large-scale festival appearances.

They say that you haven’t achieved iconic status as a DJ until you have established yourself in Ibiza, and Jules’ presence on the dance island is legendary.  Jules was the first electronic music DJ to establish and promote his own weekly branded Ibiza night.  Fifteen years later that event, Judgement Fridays (formerly Judgement Sundays), still rocks the legendary party island.  In 2014, Judgement Fridays runs from June 20th – September 26th at the iconic Es Paradis, pitching Jules alongside the true aristocracy of dance.


Jules’ podcast is one of the most subscribed to on the planet, pitching in a whacking 750,000 downloads per week. His weekly dispensation of the must-hear new music is an institution in its own right, with guest mixes introducing important new artists alongside those of superstars of the scene, including Armin van Buuren and Dash Berlin. This heady combination of new music and featured mixes means Jules’ podcast constantly features in the upper echelons of the iTunes chart as one of the most popular Dj podcasts in the world.

Radio and TV

Jules has enjoyed a long and hugely influential radio heritage over two decades, with Kiss FM, then BBC Radio 1, and his internationally-syndicated Global Warm Up show, winning numerous awards and plaudits from music fans and fellow DJs along the way. The Global Warm Up is currently broadcast weekly on over 70 stations around the world, including Sirius XM across the United States and North America.  Jules also presents a weekly music TV show which is broadcast throughout Europe on Clubland TV.

Producing / Writing / A&R

Jules has released over 100 productions and remixes to date, plus three artist albums, and has been busy in the studio in 2014 with a stack of top-notch tracks and remixes released on his own imprints “Junkster” and “Judgement Recordings” as well as on Paul van Dyk’s Vandit label, rocking dancefloors worldwide. His 2014 track “Collide” peaked at no 1 on the Beatport chart, and Monte Carlo, released on Vandit in spring 2014, made a massive impact on Dancefloors around the world, reaching number 2 on the iTunes dance chart.


Jules has mixed countless DJ mix compilations for Ministry Of Sound, Universal and Warner Bros, including the legendary Ministry Annuals, Clubbers’ Guide and Trance Nation brands. Altogether Jules has racked up well over three million compilation sales, with many releases reaching Platinum, Gold and Silver status. In fact, so many that he soon ran out of home wall space for gold disks.

Music Lawyer

In 2012, Jules decided to put his legal training to use, becoming a music and entertainment lawyer for part of the week, whilst DJing for the remainder.  He now represents DJs, managers, promoters, labels, publishers, talent and other related industry types, putting his years of experience in every field of music to good use. Although seemingly very different jobs, Jules’ roles as DJ and lawyer are symbiotic and maintain Jules’ position as a key industry ‘player’ as well as player of great tunes.

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Simon Howarth

How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

Heard an advert for the Radio course and signed on. Tried out, started with a Folk Show and moved to Sunday’s on Citybeat.

What’s your favourite thing about The Sunday Music Show?

Bringing new music to listeners. Even older music is new to somebody so it’s all good. Plus Sunday mornings are a nice laid back time. No pressure and I can play some hits and some not so hits!

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Clare Teal – The best living Jazz Singer and a swing/big band presenter on Sunday evenings on Radio 2. She is fantastic and I would love to ask her about her route into radio and her favourite songs.

Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?

I have my own business, but enjoy motorpsport and cars in general but my main hobby is playing bass in “The Old School Idles” a local band playing original work and covers – often to be found playing the “live” events – Leyland Live, Chorley Live etc. Two dogs, one grown up Son and a great interest in music of all types.

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Last 3 Digits

Last 3 Digits, originally founded in 2010 by established club DJ Wez, is now an ex-citing collaboration of two British based and experienced producers, Wez and Gav; combining the 2 styles and music influences of both gents.

Since joining forces the duo have been working on crafting their sound and have had a number of releases supported by Daddy’s Groove, Flatdisk, Madwill, Jordan Jay & their smash of the summer 2015, ‘Interstellar’ was featured as Promise Land’s Demo of the Week on their Amazing Radio Show.

Moving forward in 2016, the guys will be concentrating on releasing new material and bringing their sound of big room house and progressive to the masses, already gaining more support from some of the biggest names around.



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