A Fishergate bollard sent tumbling

There’s been more motoring carnage in Fishergate as the new layout is struck again.

Prestonians took to Twitter to mourn the Fishergate bollard being toppled once more.

However, it’s not the original Fishergate bollard but it’s ‘cousin twice removed’ as the popular Twitter account quickly corrected.

The £3.4million shared space includes plinths at the end of Fishergate as you turn towards the railway station.

During Friday (3 February) morning one of the bollards has come away and begun rolling down Fishergate Hill.

Bollard hero! Pic: Michael Moran

A workman appears to have quickly come to the bollards aid and rolled it back up towards the stone island it sits on.

It’s not the first time the Fishergate bollards have been battered, with drivers regularly having difficulty avoiding a solid stone object.

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