Another cinema visit to Preston Retail Park

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Moonlight stand for:

  • Providing enjoyable cinema experiences
  • Creativity, newness and difference
  • Doing our bit and giving back to the local community
  • Professionalism and service
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Providing worthwhile, rewarding employment

Moonlight Drive-in Cinema is coming to Preston (Deepdale Retail Park) from Friday 10th March to Thursday 16th March.

Deepdale Retail Park is the venue for the films were drivers are able to drive through for food, then kick back and watch the film.

Deputy centre manager at Deepdale Catherine Holmes confirmed the showings would take place.

She said: “It is due to be set up on the top right hand side of the shopping park behind Costa Coffee.

“There is only a small space required as the event is kept quite tight with limited spaces and must be booked in advance.”

The showings cost £25 per vehicle, you arrive, order food and tune your radio to 104.1FM and you’ll pick up the films sound in your car.

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