Anti-social teenagers descend on Preston fast food restaurant

A large group of teenagers has been causing problems for staff and customers at a Preston fast food restaurant, say police.

Officers in Preston were called out more than three times in the space of a few hours on Saturday August 5 following reports of anti-social behaviour at the McDonalds on Friargate.

Police are now asking parents to be aware of where their teenagers are going and what they are doing.

A spokesman for Preston police said: “Over the past week, particularly over the weekend, we have seen a large rise in disorder and anti-social behaviour at McDonalds.

“This has lead to arrests and teenagers being taken home throughout the week. Obviously this is taking up a large amount of Police time, where we could be attending other calls from members of the public.

“[We are asking] that if you have a teenager who is going into the City Centre during the school holidays to ‘chill’ with their mates, it might be worth asking where in particular they are going and how long they are going to be there for.

“Otherwise, should the disorder continue, they may be returned home in the back of a police van or you may be asked to attend Preston Police Station’s custody department to collect them."

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