Preston Police issue warning for those who filmed van fire

Preston Police has issued a warning for those who were filming a fire in the city centre today.

A van caught fire on the Flag Market in the city centre after the engine overheated.

Witnesses reported over 200 people gathered to watch the fire be extinguished with many filming on their phones.

PCSO Ross Tinline said: “We have just been dealing with a van on fire at the junction of Friargate and Market Street. Fortunately no one was injured and the van has now been removed.

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“I would advise that standing next to a burning vehicle trying to get the best photo possible is not a good idea, and please save your marshmallows for toasting another day, the engine fluid may ruin the flavour a little…”

The fire started at around 12.45pm but was quickly extinguished by firefighters from Preston.

Jamie Palmer, the owner of nearby Yo Burrito, said: “Somebody parked a van at the Flag Market. It started smoking and got gradually worse then it was on fire.

“The fire engine was there within a couple of minutes so somebody must have called while it was smoking.

“There was a huge crowd, it must have been around 200 people, with lots of people filming on their phones.”

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Blaze on Preston Flag Market

Firefighters were called to a blaze on Flag Market in Preston after a van overheated and caught fire.

Crews from Preston attended the fire which started at around 12.45pm this afternoon.

The Owner of Yo Burrito Jamie Palmer captured the dramatic scenes live on Facebook as firefighters extinguished the flames.

Jamie said: I could tell something was happening as a crowd of people had gathered around the van. It started smoking and about 2 minutes later a fire started. There were around 200 people all watching the flames.” More to follow

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Man arrested after serious house blaze

A man aged 35 has been arrested in connection with a serious house fire in the Ingol area of Preston last night.

Four fire engines were called to tackle the raging inferno at a terraced house on Westbrook Crescent, after being called out just before 9.15pm.

Firefighters were faced with the challenge of trying to mount a potential rescue after a frantic neighbour feared there was someone trapped inside the property.

The crews had to wait 20 minutes until the blaze was sufficiently under control before entering the house to see if anyone was inside.

Once in the property they found that the intensity of the ground floor fire had destroyed the staircase and it was impossible to use it to gain entry upstairs.

Firefighters had to use a ladder to check upstairs rooms.

However, they were able to establish that no one was in the property.

Watch manager Mark Woodward confirmed the police had been involved and said: “A joint investigation is now under way by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and the Police.

“This was a very serious fire but the most important thing is that on one was hurt.”

The fire took some three hours to bring under control but given the fierce nature of the blaze, firefighters were still today keeping checks on the property using thermal imaging cameras to ensure the blaze was fully out.

Firefighters also took steps to stop the fire spreading to the properties nextdoor.

Lancashire Police confirmed a joint investigation was underway and revealed the arrest of a 35 year old man on suspicion of arson.

The man was being interviewed about the incident today.

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URGENT APPEAL: Teen still missing after barn blaze

A teenage boy is still missing after a major fire in Lancashire, say police….

Louis Simpson, 14, was last seen in the local area before the fire and police are now “seriously concerned for his welfare.”

Nigel Barraclough, Force Incident Manager for Lancashire Police said: “At this moment in time Louis could be anywhere. We are seriously concerned for his welfare as he is currently unaccounted for.”

Police believe he may have been at the barn with a group of friends when the fire broke out but while they have been traced Louis is still missing.

The barn fire, which started at £2m property Fairhurst Hall in Chorley Road, Parbold, was reported to emergency services at around 3pm on Sunday, 29 January.

Police and fire services are still at the scene of the fire and Chorley Road remains closed between the junctions with Robin Lane and The Delph.

Four fire engines from Skelmersdale, Ormskirk and Tarleton plus one from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to the fire.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Fire and Rescue said at around 6pm last night: “There were number of challenging aspects to this incident; the fire involved asbestos and there are concerns that someone may have been in the building at the time the fire started.

“Firefighters are still at the scene due to concerns that a missing 14-year-old boy who was last seen in the area before the fire started may be inside the barn.”

A search of the area will resume today with colleagues from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.
Police are urging anyone with information on Louis’ whereabouts to contact them on 101 quoting log number 0828 of 29 January.

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City centre blaze drama in Preston

Preston firefighters were called to a city centre fire after a worrying 999 call suggested a person was still inside the building, say fire services.

Three pumps were sent to the incident which happened at around 6.30pm in a derelict building on Cannon Street.

Crews used breathing apparatus to thoroughly check the building to ensure that nobody was inside.

The cause of the fire is unknown and nobody was injured during the incident.

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Abandoned pub fire was ‘deliberate’

Firefighters tackled a blaze in an abandoned pub amid fears a man was trapped inside.

Four engines from Preston fire station were called to Ribbleton Lane at around 3.50am to a fire in the abandoned Old England pub. A woman at the scene believed her boyfriend may have been trapped inside by the smoke.

Six firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus searched the property, including the basement, but no casualties were found and the fire was extinguished, It is believed the fire was started deliberately, and police are investigating. Watch manager Mark Woodward said:

“These sort of fires are deliberate and dangerous. “Going into an abandoned building is extremely dangerous for our crews. It puts us at great risk to search it.

“People who start these fires must consider the consequences of their actions.”

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