WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Bid to trace owner after horror dog attack

A pensioner is undergoing plastic surgery today after a horrific dog attack left him with a gaping wound to his arm.

David Kevill, 60, has spent the past three days in the hospital, after the German Shepherd launched itself at him as he walked in Walton Summit, near Preston.

After the attack, the dog’s owner simply said: “Sorry” and walked off. He has not yet been traced and Mr Kevill’s family are hoping he will be caught to stop the dog biting anyone else.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Kevill told the Post: “It was a shock, to say the least. I didn’t do anything to provoke the dog, it just attacked me for nothing.

“I’m a dog lover and I wouldn’t want to see it put down if this is the first time it has ever attacked anyone. But if it’s done this before that’s a different matter.

“I shudder to think what could have happened if it had been a child rather than an adult that it grabbed.”

Mr Kevill, of Hudson Court, Bamber Bridge, was out walking around 1.30pm on Monday as rehabilitation following a previous stay in hospital.

He said: “I was on Tramway Lane between Kellet Lane and Four Oaks Road when I saw this man and his dog out of the corner of my eye coming out of a side passageway. I said ‘hello’ and carried on walking.

“Then suddenly I felt this tremendous pressure on my hand first of all. Instinct kicked in and I just stood still. I didn’t want the dog to think I was being aggressive.

“The man got it off my hand, but then it got hold of my arm. I just froze again until he could get it off.

“I didn’t turn round, so I didn’t see the man’s face. I just heard him say, ‘Sorry about that’ twice as I walked away.

“I didn’t realise how serious it was until I got home and took my coat and cardigan off. I couldn’t believe the size of the wound.

“I’ve had initial surgery and they have managed to close the wound up to the size of a 10 pence piece. But I’ve got to have plastic surgery today to finish the job.

“I’m not after having the dog put down, but the owner needs tracing because, judging by what it did to me with no provocation, it could do it again. And heaven forbid that would be to a child. It should have been muzzled.”

Mr Kevill attended Chorley Hospital but was transferred to the Royal Preston Hospital for surgery.

He is hoping to be discharged tomorrow – it is his wife Judith’s birthday on Saturday.

Son Daniel, from Preston, put a graphic picture of his dad’s arm on social media and readers claimed there had been other incidents involving a dog in the same area.

“Since I posted a picture on Facebook of his arm, it has gone mad,” he said.

“People have been talking about similar incidents, so we need to find out if there is a link.”

Police have been informed and officers are due to meet with the Kevill family today. A Lancashire police spokesman confirmed the matter was being investigated.

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Green pup born in Chorley

Dog owners in Chorley were astonished when their two-year-old chocolate Labrador gave birth to an actual green puppy.

Elaine and Mark Cooper were by Milly’s side all night as she went into labour at midnight on Thursday, January 26

Nicknamed Fifi after Princess Fiona from Shrek, the little bright green ball of fur was born the next day at around 7.30am.

“She came out in the sack so we thought that it was the placenta that made her look very dark. We thought she was a black Labrador.

“But when Milly started to lick the placenta off she actually had a green tinge. We were laughing and saying no, this can’t be green. All the others are golden and this one’s green.

“It’s to do with the placenta, so its actually a phenonemanon, its just very very rare in dogs. We were a bit shocked and thought ‘oh my, is it OK’.

“The colour’s faded now and she’s doing well even though she was the smallest of the litter, she’s so sweet.”

But it’s not the first time a Labrador has been born with a green coat before in Lancashire.

In 2012 a two-year-old golden Labrador, Buttons, belonging to Naomi Grimes and Kyle Murray, gave birth to a green puppy at their home in Clayton-le-Moors.

A spokesman from Pinewood Veterinary Practice in Chorley said: “We’ve only seen it when the placenta stains the fur.

“It’s not something that happens very often, there’s no medical condition to our knowledge.

“It does stain horrendously and takes a while to clear up but its not harmful.”

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New Doggie Daycare centre comes to Preston

Auntie’s Doggie Daycare is the new day care centre for dogs that is coming to Preston in late February.

Located in Essex Street, Deepdale, the 5000 square foot centre will care for dogs providing specialist daycare and grooming services.

The centre will include a spacious play area, a puppy club, and a boutique packed with recommended canine care products.

The new daycare facility is a franchise of the Aunties Doggie Daycare facility in Lostock Hall which has been running for almost ten years.

Lisa Pye, founder of Aunties Doggie Daycare, said: “The Auntie’s concept has so much to offer – it’s not about leaving dogs to entertain themselves; structured activities like treasure hunts, walks and agility courses challenge dogs, and keep them active and engaged.

“Auntie’s pups are encouraged to explore, socialise, and learn canine etiquette – or ‘doggie manners’! – which makes for happier, healthier dogs in the long-term.

“We’ll be open from 7am until 6.30pm so busy pet-owners can get their pets settled in before heading off to work, safe in the knowledge that they are being well looked after from the moment they walk through the doors.”

Aunties Doggie Daycare will welcome all dogs that meet its neutering, inoculation and behaviour requirements.

Do you have a dog? What do you think about the new Doggie Daycare facility coming to Preston? Drop us a line in the comments box below

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