Son attacked his father after he fell down stairs drunk

A son who launched a “frenzied and sustained” attack on his drunken father while he was seriously injured from falling downstairs has been jailed for 26 weeks.

Preston Crown Court was told John Harvey junior, 25, claimed father John Harvey senior had inflicted years of physical abuse on him – facts accepted by prosecutors in the case.

Sporting a crucifix and blazer jacket, he looked straight ahead as barristers revealed none of the family members wanted to make a statement about the incident, which happened at an address in Penwortham on New Year’s Eve.

At around 3.30am police received an emergency call from his mother and when they attended they found Mr Harvey senior lying at the foot of the stairs.

The court heard there was blood on the staircase.

The man had suffered a deep facial wound and his son was arrested on suspicion of assault when he told them: “I’ll admit I hit the c**t – I want the c**t to admit what he did to me.”

The older man told officers if he was “10 years younger I’d have battered him”.

Harvey, of Howick Cross Lane, Penwortham, admitted causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecuting Steven Swift said: “He pleaded guilty on the basis that he returned home and his father attacked him at the top of the stairs. He was not responsible for the lacerations – they were caused when he fell.

“Despite his injuries, he continued to be aggressive. The defendant admits punching him beyond reasonable self defence.

“He was angry at the aggression and the physical abuse he and other members of his family had suffered over many years.”

Judge Simon Newell was told a 12-year-old girl had witnessed the attack.

After struggling at the top of the stairs, Mr Harvey senior began to go downstairs but fell halfway. He suffered a scalp haematoma and fractured nose.

The defendant punched him at least 20 times.

Jacob Dyer, defending, said: “I appreciate there are aggravating features because the complainant was badly injured and a child was present.

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Jail for vigilante duo who beat sex offender to a pulp

One man has been jailed for life and another for 10 years following a vigilante attack which left a sex offender so badly injured he was unrecognisable.

Marcus Hartley, 24, and Richard Lowry, 33, took the law into their own hands when they discovered their friend and neighbour, Anthony Bullough, was a convicted sex offender.

A police officer who knew Mr Bullough said he could not recognise him when he saw him lying unconscious on the ground, following the attack in Chorley on November 4 last year.

The men met at the accommodation they shared for ex-offenders in Gordon Street, Chorley, and became friends.

But when Hartley and Lowry discovered Mr Bullough’s convictions were for possession of indecent images of children their attitudes towards him changed, Preston Crown Court heard.

They began to harass him, playing loud music and shouting insults at him through the door of his ground-floor flat.

On November 3 last year, Hartley and Lowry were drinking and playing loud music in the flats upstairs from Mr Bullough.

Mr Bullough, who had previously spoken to the housing association about threats from his neighbours, became so concerned by their behaviour he climbed out of the window and fled the flat.

But Hartley and Lowry followed him and attacked him on wasteland close by. Hartley punched him to the ground and the to men set about punching and kicking him to the head and face in a brutal and savage attack.

At around 1.50am, two workmen discovered Mr Bullough lying unresponsive on the ground, and called emergency services.

Mr Bullough was taken to hospital in a coma and underwent CT scans which showed bleeding to his brain and fractures to his jaw, eye socket and cheekbones.

He had to undergo surgery and was fed through a tube.

As Mr Bullough lay in hospital in a coma, Lowry contacted his ex partner asking her to wash a bag of clothing, at around 2.30am.

The bag contained bloodied footwear and jeans belonging to both defendants.

Six months after the attack, Mr Bullough remains in hospital and needs assistance with walking and daily care.

He started eating solid food last month but is not expected to be able to leave hospital until June, at the earliest.

Hartley and Lowry pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and appeared at Preston Crown Court to be sentenced.

The Honorary Recorder of Preston, Judge Mark Brown, said: “It was clearly a brutal, nasty and sustained assault and such was the nature of it that when he was observed lying unconscious in the street his injuries were so bad he could not be recognised.

“There was an element of premeditation, and certainly a sense of revenge because you understood him to be a convicted sex offender.

“You were taking the law into your own hands and behaving as a vigilante.”

Judge Brown said Hartley was a dangerous offender who had previously served a prison sentence for an attack on his own father, who had recently been discharged from hospital. Lowry had convictions for domestic violence and arson, the court heard.

Judge Brown jailed Hartley for life with a specified term of five and a half years.

Lowry was jailed for 10 years.

Mr Bullough had been given a community order in March 2014 for possession of indepent images.

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Man jailed for racially abusing passengers on train

A man has been jailed for racially abusing passengers on a train to Preston.

Darren Ingham, 47 from Salford, pleaded guilty to breaching his ASBO by racially abusing two Asian men and then threatening a female passenger who stepped in to defend them.

The court heard Mr Ingham was travelling to Preston from Blackpool South on January 6 when he began verbally abusing the two men who were in the same carriage.

He was spotted by a concerned female passenger flailing his arms, making reference to terrorists and bombs and asking the men for a fight.

The woman switched seats to sit with the men Mr Ingham directed his ‘torrent of abuse’ towards her, threatening that ’his mates would be waiting for her when she got off the train’ and that she would be ‘dragged along the tracks’ before mimicking firing a gun at her.

He was identified by British Transport Police and arrested at Preston. A small amount of cannabis resin was found in his pocket.

He was jailed for 20 weeks on February 15 for breaching his ASBO and cannabis possession. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £115.

Inspector Neil Hubbs said: “Ingham’s vile racist abuse was considered so serious and his comments so appalling that Magistrates were left with no other choice than to hand down a custodial sentence.

“This should serve as a lesson to like-minded individuals who believe they can vent their ignorant and hate-filled views freely in public, that racist abuse like this will never be tolerated on the rail network.

“We will do everything in our power to ensure they are brought before the courts.

“Special mention should be given to the bravery of the lone female passenger who was so disgusted by Ingham’s behaviour that she stepped in and whose subsequent evidence helped bring him to justice.”

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JAILED: Pervert drugged and sexually abused two schoolgirls

A pervert who drugged and sexually abused two schoolgirls has been jailed for 13 years.

Michael Hudson, 55, dressed the youngsters up in sexy clothing and got them to pose for indecent photos at his home in Kirkham, a court heard.

‘Sex abuser made me feel like Madonna’

One of the girls said she “felt like Madonna” when Hudson groomed her and took pictures of her posing and dancing for the camera.

The girls – now in their 30s and 40s – described Hudson as “a fun guy” who would take them out on day trips and treat them to sweets and pocket money.

But Preston Crown Court heard between 1985 and 1997, Hudson preyed on the little girls so he could sexually abuse them.

He plied them with booze and amyl nitrate, or poppers, to relax them and enable sexual activity.

They each also described being given a pill, which he told them was “like Ecstasy” and would relax them.

The father-of-two pleaded guilty to indecent assault, administering a drug to enable sexual intercourse, making indecent images and rape.

The court heard the predatory sex beast manipulated situations where he could indecently assault the girls, showing them pornography to normalise sexualise activity.

He even assaulted one of the girls in a lift on a trip to the crisp factory where he worked, while she was visiting with a group of children, the court heard.

Mr Justice Fraser, sentencing, said: “Such a trip should have been something a child that age could look forward to and enjoy.

“As it is you used it as a further opportunity to abuse her.

“Their victim impact statements make harrowing reading. You have caused both these ladies significant harm.”

Hudson’s first victim – who was a teenager when she was abused by Hudson in the 1980s – said she had lost everything as a result of what had happened to her.

She said: “It feels like my life has never begun and at the same time it feels like it is over.”

His other victim – who was aged between eight and 11 years old when she was assaulted and raped by Hudson, said she has struggled to form adult relationships and is overprotective of her own children as a result of the abuse she endured.

Mr Justice Fraser said: “You engineered situations where you could take advantage of them being in your company to abuse them.

“You were a grown adult male when you committed these offences.”

The judge gave Hudson, of Queen’s Crescent, Kirkham, credit for his guilty plea and put him on the Sex Offender’s Register indefinitely.

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CAGED: Preston man jailed for raping schoolgirl

Preston man Peter Harvey has been jailed for 20 years for raping a schoolgirl. His wife Barbara Ann Muncey-Harvey says she knew nothing about the case until he was arrested as they went on honeymoon.

To friends and neighbours, he was a deeply spiritual man, putting his healing hands on others and offering to bless people’s homes.

But Peter Harvey was carrying a sinister secret.
Harvey, 58, originally from Coventry, had raped and abused a schoolgirl over an eight-year period, before moving north to Preston to begin a new life with his new wife.

His past caught up with him when police in the West Midlands launched a probe.

Today Harvey’s wife, Barbara Ann Muncey-Harvey, 66, spoke of her torment as she recalled how the retired HGV driver was stopped by police at the airport as they went to go on their honeymoon in 2014 and later arrested.

A lot of people won’t talk to me. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. No-one comes to see me. I feel shunned.
Barbara Ann Muncey-Harvey

The grandmother, who is partially sighted, said: “I barely go out since this has happened. I don’t know what’s going on.

“A lot of people won’t talk to me. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. No-one comes to see me. I feel shunned.

“I don’t believe any of it. He rings me for two minutes each night from prison.”

The former Ribbleton Hall High School pupil met Harvey through his brother and mutual friends in 2008 when they used to come up from Coventry for weekends with friends.

The pair trained to do reiki healing together and she says they have held healing sessions at their home for friends

She says: “I inspired him to become a born again Christian. He’s been my rock.”

They married at a Preston Methodist church in September 2013 and planned a late honeymoon cruise in the January.

She said: “They picked him up at the airport and I had to travel on my own, which is difficult as I am disabled. He flew out the next day.

“He’s still trying to get his head round it.

“I’m sure I’m being accused by people of hiding away, but I just can’t get out. I knew nothing about these allegations and I don’t believe them.”

But after a 10-day trial, jurors at Warwick Crown Court did believe them. Harvey was found guilty of 10 charges – four rapes, three indecent assaults, two sexual assaults and inciting a child to commit sexual activity.

A judge jailed him for a total of 20 years with an extended licence.

Today Harvey’s neighbour Terence Pollard, of Coopers Fold, said: “He used to come in our house. We live on a cul de sac of mostly elderly women. He’d been in everyone’s houses being all friendly. He told me he had been in the army.

“He said, ‘Me and my wife are born again Christians. I can bless this house if you like, it’s a happy home.’

“I used to go to school with his wife. We were all horrified when we found out what had happened.

“Worse still, his home is next to a community office that runs a hub for teenagers. I saw the police arrive. They were loading up his computer equipment into a van.

“He got arrested and they took him away under a blanket.”

Harvey was netted by West Midlands Police’s new Historical Sex Offences Team. His was among almost 300 cases dealt with in its first year − and secured justice for some survivors who suffered abuse up to 50 years ago.

A police spokesman said: “We have a successful track record of securing justice even in cases where abuse has taken place decades earlier.

“West Midlands Police has a dedicated Historic Abuse Team featuring officers who are specially trained to secure evidence and support abuse survivors through the police and courts process.

“We would urge anyone who has been a victim of abuse to get in touch.”

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Man jailed for seven years following vicious assault in Lancaster

A Carnforth man carried out a vicious drunken assault which left his victim with appalling injuries.

The assault happened after David Puffett attended his grandmother’s funeral.

Puffett, 24, of Croftlands, launched the attack on his 61-year-old victim on Scotforth Road, Lancaster, at 11pm on June 14 2016.

He appeared at Preston Crown Court last week, charged with section 18 wounding, where it was heard he had he had been at his grandmother’s funeral on the day of the attack and was ‘very drunk’ when he began causing damage to cars parked on Scotforth Road.

The victim, who lives on the road, was woken up by the noise and left his house to ask Puffett to stop.

Puffett then began a vicious attack on his victim, including biting his left hand and forearm, gouging his eyes and biting a chunk from his lips.

He finally banged the victim’s head against the floor and ran off to hide. He was arrested a short while later on nearby Barton Road.

Detective Constable Jill Neil, of Lancaster CID, said: “This was a vicious attack on a complete stranger, who was targeted simply for being public-spirited enough to try and stop some criminal damage

“He was left with appalling injuries and no doubt some mental scars too.

“I am glad the courts have taken this incident as seriously as we did and have handed down a significant custodial sentence.”

David Puffett was sentenced to seven years and two months in prison.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered some horrible injuries at Mr Puffett’s hands. However the justice system has ensured that he will now face the consequences of his actions.

“The last few months have been difficult but I have been shown immense care by police, paramedics, hospital staff and countless others, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. Their sensitivity and support has not gone unnoticed.”

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WARNING: Distressing image released as woman jailed for horse neglect

A woman whose negligence led to the deaths of four horses has been jailed for 14 weeks.
Preston magistrates banned Elaine Tregurtha, 35, of Pear Tree Road, Croston, from keeping animals for life.
The horses were found in a terrible condition at stables on Rawlinson Lane, Heath Charnock, Chorley last July.
Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Paul Ridehalgh said: “ She was advised the Society needed to look at all the horses and that a vet was on route to examine them.
“The vet confirmed that in her opinion all the horses were suffering and needed to be removed.”
Harry, a three-year-old cob, had to be put to sleep after collapsing from emaciation and a significant worm infection and was still dead on the floor when inspectors arrived.
Gem, a 35-year-old bay mare was emaciated, had overgrown hooves, a swelling in her leg, overgrown teeth, and a severe worm infection and later had to be put to sleep.
Welsh grey mare Lulu, 15, who was on loan to the Tregurtha, was found to be very overweight and had overgrown hooves and a parasite infestation.

Emaciated mare Tia, 27, who had also been on loan, died at Penny Farm stables two days after being seized by the RSPCA and was found to have Cushing’s disease which could have been treated with medicine but she was not registered with a vet.
Black Welsh stallion Sammie, six, had not been fed properly for months.
The court heard when inspectors attended her then home in Chorley, to interview her they found six dogs, four cats two rabbits and a guinea pig.
Tregurtha, who admitted five neglect charges, claimed she had struggled after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

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