Henna Soni & Jazzy



How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

Whilst studying tv and radio broadcasting at Salford university I quickly realized my love for radio production. I knew I wanted to get involved with the industry on the presenting and producing side. After I graduated I thought there’s no better way to get started in radio then from our local stations. I had previously completed a course with Preston FM and this work helped me in my first meeting at CityBeat. Within weeks I was presenting and producing the Desi Beat show with Henna Soni live. Since then, the support we’ve been given at CityBeat has been amazing. I’ve been given a rare opportunity to produce and present my own radio show in a genre that I’m passionate about. I’ve gain so much experience in this industry whilst forwarding my Bollywood knowledge through the airwaves of car, homes and hearts. It’s been great!


What’s your favourite thing about the DesiBeat show ?

Coming from a journalism background, my favorite thing has to be getting the community involved in the show. Being one of only 2 localized Asian radio shows in Lancashire. It’s great to get the Asian community talking on local radio. This can be as studio guests or listeners who requests songs and shout-outs on Facebook live videos or directly at the station. It’s fabulous to play music that listeners like and hear either news or achievement stories from our neighbours! My favourite interviews have to be the ones I took at the Asian media awards 2015, I interviewed TV reality stars, musicians and media personalities just for CityBeat 103.2!


If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?

This is a hard one, in the Bollywood and Bhangra industry there’s so so sooooo many amazing actors, dancers, musicians and filmmakers. But for me its about who has the best story to tell. Right now someone who is achieving global success in all fields is beauty queen Priyanka Chopra. I would love for her to come on the Desi Beat show because she’s got so much to talk about. The interview would probably last the whole 2 hours!!


Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?

During my personal time I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest music and movies. I host at events, competitions, and parties. Beauty and fashion modeling is a big interest of mine; I have worked with designers, makeup artists and photographers in various cities. I am also very passionate about dancing; I perform at various private and public events and give dance classes to all ages across the North West.



How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

I was invited on the show to do a film review by my colleague Henna. I was then offered a chance by our Programme Director LJ to co-present wht DesiBeat show with Henna. I was ecstatic with the news and since then Henna and Me have been a team driving this amazing show forward.

What’s your favourite thing about The DesiBeat Show ? 

My favourite thing about the DesiBeat show is that we cover a variety of subjects from Latest Music, Top Tracks to Film Review and Whats happening in the local community. The DesiBeat Show is fresh and trending and getting better by the day

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why? 

My guest would be Salman Khan , not the actor but the amazing human being that he is and I would love to interview him to get his take on how to make this world a better place.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat? 

I like singing/performing and making sure the DesiBeat show at CityBeat is the best show in Lancashire.

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