Jolie Mackereth


How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat? I have always had a passion for radio and journalism in general. Whilst volunteering at another radio station, I was sent to CityBeat for training. When training up, I was kindly offered the opportunity to sit in on the breakfast show and take notes. A month or so later, I was luckily invited to an outside broadcast, where I met another presenter who asked me to be their on-air producer. One thing led to another and I was eventually given the opportunity to have my own show!

What’s your favourite thing about “Saturday Afternoons with Jolie Mac”? My favourite part of my Saturday afternoon show is the 20 minute throwback! It allows me to choose a unique theme every week and slip in different genres of music which I wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to play during the daytime.

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why? I would probably say Van McCann, the lead singer from Catfish and The Bottlemen. I’m a massive fan of his music and think he’s a genius! Not only that, he seems like such a genuine and cool guy, with an amazing passion and knowledge for music! Although, I would love to meet Noel and Liam Gallagher…but they tell you not to meet your idols!

Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat? Well, to be honest I don’t have much spare time! I’m currently studying 3 A-levels at college during the week. Although, when I’m free; I play netball, binge-watch TV series and go out with my mates! My favourite way of spending my spare time is going to gigs and festivals. Unfortunately, being a student makes it hard for me to do this as often as I would hope to! Also, I have always had an interest in travelling and this summer I am lucky enough to be going inter-railing around Europe with friends!

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  • Preston, Lancashire