New video shows impact of taking ‘only one drag’ of Spice

This video shows a man writhing on the ground in the city centre after allegedly having ‘only one drag’ of Spice.  The footage, filmed at some point last week, has been released by Nottingham City Council.  It comes just days after the city’s community protection officers were “overwhelmed" by the number of people needing medical attention after allegedly taking Black Mamba and Spice.

he Post has previously reported that paramedics are being called up to five times a day to drug users “zombied" on the streets of Nottingham after taking Spice or Black Mamba.

And in August a 37-year-old man died after taking Black Mamba.

Councillor Toby Neal, portfolio holder for community and customer service at Nottingham City Council, wants the Home Office to help cities crackdown on the “worrying increase" in the number of incidents of people using the drugs.

He said: “It’s a concern in terms of the health impacts for users as well as the impact on our communities, residents and visitors.

“There’s a limit to what we can do within existing legislation – what’s needed is some leadership from Government on a problem that is beginning to have a big impact on all cities. Cities need to be able to work together with the Home Office because we can’t do it on our own.

“Criminal action is only one part of the solution, but the legislation which covers these drugs is ineffective and needs to be reviewed to take into account the impacts they are having."

East Midlands Ambulance Service, which was called out to a record high 15 “zombied" drug users in one weekend in July, has previously warned against the use of the drugs.

Wendy Hazard, ambulance operations manager for Nottinghamshire, said: “These drugs are dangerous and often contain harmful chemicals which can put lives at risk.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We recognise how dangerous synthetic cannabinoids, such as those found in spice and black mamba, can be and the devastating impact that they can have on communities, families and the individuals taking them.

“That is why we acted to ban these so-called legal highs under the Misuse of Drugs Act and give the police the powers they need to take action, including making possession illegal and delivering longer sentences for dealers.

“Our new drug strategy has placed recovery and protecting the vulnerable at its heart – supporting people though treatment while tackling the supply of illegal drugs.”

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How do you feel about the refurbishment on a Preston car park?

As part of the multi-million pound redevelopment of the bus station, work is taking place to repair and renovate the building.

Work being carried out on bus station car park.

Lancashire County Council says the Bus Station now has wider parking spaces, new lighting, car park surfaces, payment machines and security cameras.

We are looking for you to take part in this simple poll, all information will be used to understand how the community of Preston feel about the work that is being taken out on the grade 2 listed building in order to bring it up to the modern world we live in today.

Work now continues on other levels of the Bus Station to improve the car park.

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The Gamull – Preston boarded for last time?

The Gamull is a large pub situated on the busy Longridge Road, just two miles from Preston City Centre. It is located in a densely populated area and surrounded by shops and other businesses. The pub is within easy access of the M6 motorway and benefits from being located on a main bus route. We believe this pub should be a fantastic community local and with the right licensee in situ we want to invest in the site – These works will include new signage, interior and exterior redecoration.

Preston Gamull Pub boarded for one last time? or is it?

So after speaking with Admiral Taverns today Citybeat have managed to clear a few things as to why the Gamull at Preston is boarded up yet again.  Being boarded up in the last few weeks is basically a security measure to assure that there is no damage to the internal of the property.  Ashley Kirk – recruitment Co – (01244 321 171), said “We are in fact talking with someone at the moment who is really interested in taking over the public house”, however due to issues with the electricity being cut off there is nothing we can do until this issue has been sorted.

Hoping to getting it open as soon as possible, 

Ashley Kirk the recruitment Coordinator for Admiral also in the same breath said “If anyone within the local community wants to look at taking on the Gamull as a business then to contact her via the phone number above.

After speaking with a previous tenants we managed to get a statement as to why they are no longer in the Gamull –  “When we were coming towards the end of our contract and ready to sign for another 5 years, the area manager said they was wanting to do a refurbishment but this would result in an increase in rent, which was already close to £700 a week, now in month’s before this we had been asking the brewery for help as most places people can go it’s £2,30/2.50 a pint and how we could not compete with them at the prices they charge us for a barrel we got zero help, so after month’s of no wages and bill’s mounting we concluded the business was no longer viable, so sadly gave our notice to quit, it was the hardest decision ever to make. Since we have left the Gamull there has been several managers who don’t seem to have made it work. we hope they get someone soon because it is a great pub in the heart of a great community and would be a crying shame to lose it,”
So at the end of this story we can confirm that the Gamull is not shut long term but only until the brewery find someone able to take on the local public house.
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Parliament lockdown: Man with knife arrested by police

First picture of ‘man with knife’ arrested by armed police in non-terror related incident

An image has emerged of the moment a man suspected of carrying a knife was arrested by armed police outside Parliament.

Officers placed the entire Parliament complex on lockdown during the incident, with bystanders reporting the man in a grey hooded top being tasered by police.

One photo shared on social media appeared to show the suspect being held at gunpoint and then handcuffed.

Police said a man had been detained 'on suspicion of possession of a knife'

Police placed the Houses of Parliament on lockdown as armed officers responded to reports of a man with a knife outside.

Witnesses said a man had been tasered by police, and images shared on social media appeared to show a suspect wearing a grey hoodie being held at gunpoint and then handcuffed.

Police said one suspect in his 30s had been arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife “near to the Palace of Westminster”.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said officers “became aware of a man acting suspiciously” at 11.10am near the Carriage Gates to New Palace Yard, the scene of the terrorist attack on 22 March in which PC Keith Palmer was stabbed to death.

“The officers approached the man in order to speak with him. The man reached for a knife, and police discharged a Taser,” police said.

“Nobody was injured,” police said. The incident is not being treated as terror-related at this stage.

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‘Off-grid’ parents whose child took a wee live on This Morning

THE parents of a toddler who took a wee live on This Morning were visited by social services after “vindictive trolls” reported them for child cruelty.

Matt and Adele Allen, from Brighton, shocked the nation when their daughter Ostara, one, toddled away from the famous sofa to have a sneaky leak.

But that wasn’t the half of it – the couple revealed that their six-year-old son Ulysses was illiterate and was still breastfed, and that they let the children play barefoot in woodland as their ‘education’.

However, it seems that their appearance of the hippy couple and their ‘feral children’ caused more than just a Twitter backlash – they ended up getting a visit from the authorities.

Speaking in this week’s That’s Life! Adele revealed the terrifying aftermath of their controversial slot last July.

The 32-year-old said: “Viewers were appalled, calling our children ‘feral’ and ‘out of control’.

“They said my daughter wasn’t wearing a nappy. It was true we didn’t use disposable nappies. But we did use cloth ones.

“Yet vindictive trolls reported us to social services…

“‘Come in’, I told the social worker when she made a home visit. ‘I’ve nothing to hide.’

“She left, satisfied they were happy and healthy.”

The Allens’ shocking appearance on This Morning left Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford gobsmacked.

Viewers were horrified by their children’s behaviour, and accused them of raising “feral children” as they clambered over the sofas and made animalistic noises as the adults spoke.

One tweeted: “These 2 are f***ing mental!#OffGridParenting weirdos eating random leaves down the park,the garden is disgusting and the kids are feral!”

Another said: “I think when your kid p***es live on TV and then jumps on the couch you probably have to rethink your parenting strategies #offgridparenting.”

Adele – who is staunchly anti-vaccinations – excused her brood’s poor behaviour by explaining she can’t discipline her eldest child as he is “too sensitive an individual”.

She added that he stopped breastfeeding when he turned six as “he decided it was the right time to stop”.

His decision to move solely on to solid food wasn’t the only reason why the kooky mum wasn’t expressing milk for his school lunchbox.

She added: “When September came, I didn’t drop Ulysses at the school gates like other mums.

“Instead we spent the day foraging in the garden. I was delighted when he pulled up a handful of mint and chewed on it happily.

“I smiled at Matt, ‘Being out here in the fresh air is much more inspiring than being in a stuffy classroom.'”

Adele and Matt are still intent on relocating their family to Costa Rica to live a “free-range lifestyle”.

Speaking to That’s Life!, Adele said: “For us, it’s the only way that makes sense.”

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Preston Health Mela@UCLAN

Founded first in friendly Preston, it’s fantastic fun, family focused, famously about fitness – what’s more, it’s all free! You can find It in the Foster Building, University of Central Lancashire (Preston PR1 2HE) between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm on the 1st . of April. So – what is it? It’s the fabulous 16th . Preston Health Mela, brought to you by the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing in collaboration with UCLAN, local NHS Trusts and the Rotary Clubs of Preston.

opportunities on offer
  • take a relaxed ‘Health MOT’ (free) – have your blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar and cholesterol levels recorded. (No appointment required)
  • receive personally tailored counselling from friendly health professionals
  • find information on sight, hearing and dental health
  • visit 50+ stalls representing hospital and care Trusts, GP services and a wide range of voluntary organisations offering health related information and advice
  • bring a cuddly friend to the Teddy Bears’ Clinic
  • take part in a taster session of Reiki
  • make a healthy drink on the smoothie bike
  • learn about complementary medicine
  • talk to a wide range of health professionals and volunteers about their work in the community

Park your car (free!) on one of the University car-parks and bring the whole family in for an exciting visit which will work wonders for the health and wellbeing of you, your family and your community. Get an experience to change the way you think about the National Health Service and how you make use of it.

There’s much, much more of course! For example, our ‘Drop In Theatre’ focuses on the importance of children’s health. This is situated next to the exhibition area and is open from 2.00 – 4.00 pm. The Theatre features an impressive programme mix of child friendly mini presentations on health-related topics and a variety of entertainments provided by children’s groups from a wide range of local organisations. Watch out for details on the Programme Boards on display on the day and pop in and out as you choose. The 2017 Mela promises to be bigger and brighter than ever. Summing up the significance of the event, Professor Romesh Gupta OBE, Chair of the organising group the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing (NFHW), said,

“The NHS is under immense stress and we all have a responsibility to ensure its survival. The Health Mela helps relieve this stress in a number of important ways. First, the comprehensive advice on healthy living provided, enables us to avoid getting ill in the first place. Secondly, the ‘Health MOT’ allows for the identification of health problems at an early stage when they are most easily and less expensively dealt with. Thirdly the wide range of information on health services available from NHS and voluntary bodies makes it possible for users and advisers to make more rational and hopefully, more cost effective choices. Finally, and most significant of all, is our focus on engaging children to take an interest in and responsibility for their own health. It’s in the minds of children that we can construct a healthy nation and a sustainable future for the NHS.

NFHW has now organised over 40 successful Health Melas across the North West and further afield. Dr Chris Moulton, Vice President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, a recent visitor, made a typical comment, “Altogether, it was an unforgettable day. I came away convinced that Health Melas are a brilliant concept. They combine a great day out with the ability to promote healthy living and to inform people about current issues in healthcare. Here is my advice: if there is a Health Mela near you, go to it. If you don’t enjoy it and you don’t learn something, then I will be very surprised!” To sum it all up, if you are looking to spend a few profitable hours on Saturday 1st April, come along to the Foster Building at the University of Central Lancashire between 11.00am and 4.00 pm. Bring the whole family. You won’t regret it!


You can find out more about NFHW by visiting our web-site at – or by contacting:

Derek Ormerod, Public Relations
Sarifa Kabir, Secretary

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#whitetowel – Match report and final thoughts

Tony Bellew beats David Haye!

Haye manages to land a right hand and remind the crowd that he is still dangerous, but a moment later he throws himself through a high left jab, misses, and falls to the floor. He gets to his feet but finally Bellew hits Haye down to the floor! He falls out of the ring and through the ropes, and tries to pull himself to his feet as the referee counts, but can barely get there. As he finally stands, his corner throw in the towel!


Haye was crouched against the ropes as Bellew landed a left hand to the top of the head which finally put the 36-year-old down. The victor shakes off his promoter and trainer to embrace his opponent. A left hook to the side of the head was the final blow for Haye. Bellew said Haye’s physical ailments would catch up with him and he was proved right. Both fighters embrace at the end of the fight, Bellew knows he has taken out a sitting duck there. Haye feel through the ropes, and may have just got back up before the count but his corner threw in the towel. Bellew in tears. That is surely one of the biggest upsets in British boxing history.

Tony Bellew stopped a hobbling David Haye in the 11th round to ruin the former world champion’s return to the ring and shock the boxing world.

Bellew capitalised on Haye’s inability to move properly after he seemed to suffer a leg injury midway through the fight. Haye looked unbalanced and at times struggled to defend himself, but managed to hang in the fight despite hitting the canvas a number of times.

The Evertonian ground him down though and could eventually celebrate when Haye’s corner threw in the towel in the 11th round.

The buildup had been dominated by an ugly war of words but the fighters warmly embraced at the end of the bout.

Pre match reports

David Haye says he will provide “a real destruction job” against Tony Bellew on Saturday, who says he wants to win “by any means necessary”.

The coming together of David Haye and Tony Bellew on the first day of their fight week went off without a hitch  in Liverpool, but the pair were kept apart by a sturdy phalanx of security men, most of whom were a good deal bigger than the two warring heavyweights.

Contrary to expectation, no steel fence was in place to keep the pair apart, five days before they meet at the O2 Arena in London in one of the most hateful grudge matches in British boxing history.

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Help Becky and her son rebuild their lives

Unfortunately this week Becky has lost all of her belongings and all her memories due to a house fire , if all of her friends and family could please donate and support Becky at this awful time and try and raise as much as possible to rebuild her life. Thank you for your support.

Weʼre raising £2,000 to help Becky and her son rebuild their lives after losing everything in a house fire

Just Giving

Click here to help this family recover after a devastating event that happened to their family home.
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UK weather: Britain set to be hit by 70mph winds

February 2, 2017 – Britain will be battered by 70mph winds at the end of this week, the Met Office has warned as forecasters said Storm Doris may be on the way.

A yellow “be aware” weather warning covering the south of the country as well as Wales and north west England was issued by the forecaster on Tuesday amid fears the conditions may cause damage to trees and buildings.

Power supplies and travel may also be disrupted, the warning said, as winds reach up to 80mph in exposed coastal areas.

They said it was possible that would happen on Wednesday when more details are known about the system’s progress, as it may instead move towards France.

Speaking about the warning, the chief forecaster added: “A number of potentially vigorous low pressure systems are likely to move quickly towards northwest Europe later this week.

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Man missing in Preston

Police are becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of a 34-year-old man who’s gone missing from home in Preston.

Michael Hutchinson was last seen at around 7pm last night (Wednesday) at an address on Towngate, Leyland and has not been seen or heard from since.

It is thought he may be suffering with mental health problems.

“We are extremely worried about Michael and would like to trace him as soon as possible.

“We would urge anybody with information as to his whereabouts to contact us immediately. Similarly we would appeal to Michael, if he sees this appeal, to get in touch to let us know he is safe.”

He is described as white, of slim build, with a ginger ‘skinhead’ hairstyle. He has a tattoo on the back of his neck and is clean-shaven.

He was last seen wearing a tartan hooded shirt, faded blue jeans, a black puffa jacket with square stitching and black Adidas high-top trainers.

Anybody with information is asked to contact police on 101, quoting log number 1208 of February 22nd.

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