Broughton Bypass is advancing ahead of August opening

The new Broughton Bypass remains months from fulfillment as the most recent redesign has been given on its progress.

Running from before the Broughton junction round to D’urton Lane the street is intended to calm blockage on the A6.

The bypass is expected to be finished by August, five months behind schedule, and is costing £24million.

Subsidized by the Preston and South Ribble City Deal the bypass has three key areas being worked on.

A6 Garstang – Whittingham Road

We have about finished the instalation of the lighting sections on the western carriageway of the A6 Garstang Road. The temporary traffic management measures will however stay set up so we can securely introduce the kerb edgings up to the farm access and the lighting sections along the eastern carriageway

The wing dividers on the northern side of Helms Farm underpass are practically complete and work will soon begin on the back wall drainage.

Over the coming weeks the ducting for the streetlights and signs is expected to be introduced at the Whittingham Road end along the northern carriageway and the lot of tarmac is to be laid.


work on the bypass

Drainage and BT works have been proceeding along Whittingham Lane and the last kerbs have been laid along the west tie in.

Over the coming weeks the lighting sections will be introduced and the first tarmac will be laid before traffic can be diverted onto the new road section. Along the central road section the ecological works are continuing, we have been working on the newt ponds and the acoustic fencing will be installed along the noise bunds.

Work on the southern area is advancing admirably. Backfill has begun on the south abutment of Brooklands Bridge and we will begin on the brickwork in the following weeks, before the sheet piles are removed.

Work has begun on the repair to the brook training wall adjacent to the bridge leading from the car-park into the church grounds and will proceed over the coming weeks.

Earthworks are as yet continuous at the junction of D’Urton Lane and Garstang Road. The site access has been moved to enable the excavation works to continue further into D’Urton Lane.
Works on the bypass have also seen access to D’urton lane closed from the A6, but access for cyclists and pedestrians remain

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