‘Dangerous’ paedophile deported after Lancashire arrest

A ‘dangerous’ paedophile who was convicted of seven offences against children in Poland has been deported after being arrested in the Lancashire last month.

Convicted paedophile Marian Dorobek, 68, was taken from HMP Wandsworth on March 10 and handed over to the Polish authorities to be returned to Poland to serve his sentence, say police.

Insp Phil Hutchinson said: “The extradition of Dorobek has been challenging due to the tight timescales we had to work with initially when we had to get staff to arrest him at the port.

“However, it’s been extremely satisfying to work with Polish and British authorities to ensure this criminal is returned to Poland to commence his custodial sentence. He is one of the most dangerous offenders I have had the displeasure to come across.”

A police spokesman said: “Dorobek was arrested on Wednesday 1 February after officers received information that he was on a ferry due to arrive at Heysham Port at 12.15pm. Checks were carried out with the National Crime Agency and Polish authorities confirmed that he was wanted and that a European Arrest Warrant was being applied for.

“A police operation was put in place to arrest Dorobek, who was wanted after being convicted of rape and child sex offences. He was arrested on leaving the ferry under Section 5 of the Extradition Act 2003 as the European Arrest Warrant had not arrived. This was the first use of Section 5 within Lancashire.

“The Polish Government emailed the constabulary praising and thanking officers for their swift intervention and support."

Dorobek was convicted of seven offences against children in Poland. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the district court in Grudziadz, Poland on March 24, 2016, but then disappeared.

At the time of his arrest at Heysham, he had been visiting family on the Isle of Man.

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