LATEST: Review could be held after children rescued from house covered in excrement

A Serious Case Review into the circumstances of four children found living in fetid conditions has “not been ruled out”, it emerged today.

The Lancashire Safeguarding Children’s Board, which ensures agencies work together effectively to keep children safe, may review the case if it receives a referral, a spokesman said.

A national outpouring of concern was triggered after it was revealed how the couple put the tots to bed in Leyland rooms smeared in excrement.

They had rashes and temperatures when police seized them.

Each parent admitted four counts of neglect. The children were placed with their grandmother as recommended by social services, but a family court later ruled they should be given ‘partial’ care, despite Lancashire County Council’s views.

In subsequent visits, workers noted a smell of cannabis, no stairgate, a strong smell of faeces and flies – sparking questions as to why the children had not been removed again. Their dad was jailed this week.

Preston MP Mark Hendrick (inset) said he hoped lessons would be learned and added: “Clearly the decision to let the grandmother have custody of the children, meaning that in the process the parents would still have access to them, turns out to have been a huge mistake. I am sure had the county council known the situation would occur again and the children would be subjected to the terrible conditions that are in the property, this would never have happened. However, that was not the case and we are left with a terrible story of neglect and abuse.”

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