MOST WANTED Polish criminal arrested in Lancashire

One of Poland’s most wanted offenders has been arrested after an operation by Lancashire Constabulary.

Marian Dorobek, 68, was arrested on Wednesday. The constabulary received information that he was on a ferry that was due to arrive at Heysham Port at 12.15pm. This gave us very limited notice of the impending arrival and checks with the National Crime Agency and Polish authorities confirmed that he was wanted and that a European Arrest Warrant was being applied for.
An operation was quickly put in place to arrest Dorobek, who was wanted in Poland after being convicted of rape and child sex offences, was arrested on leaving the ferry under Section 5 of the Extradition Act 2003 as the European Arrest Warrant had not arrived. This is the first use of Section 5 within Lancashire.

Dorobek has been transferred to HMP Wandsworth and will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court where Lancashire officers will be instructed to complete the extradition of Dorobek to Poland.

The Polish Government has emailed the constabulary praising and thanking them for their swift intervention and support.

Inspector Phil Hutchinson, of Lancashire Police, said:
Last updated Fri 3 Feb 2017

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