Mums dying wish ignored by Royal Preston Hospital claims son

A grieving son has slammed hospital staff after his mother was denied her dying wish to be with her family at the end.

Joe Robinson claimed mum Jean had no relatives with her when she passed away at the Royal Preston Hospital following a lengthy illness.

“She wanted to die at home and they had enough time to bring her back to be with us,” said Mr Robinson of Sulby Drive, Ribbleton.
“Not only that, they didn’t even give us a ring so we could get to the hospital to be with her. She died at half past three in the morning and my sister didn’t get a call until half past five. We are all very upset thinking mum didn’t get her last wish.”

Mrs Robinson, 72, suffered from severe breathing difficulties due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and had been ill for a number of years. Son Joe said she had been discharged twice from RPH in recent weeks, only to be re-admitted straight away.

“The first time it was just 35 minutes between coming home and going back in. We couldn’t believe the hospital thought she was well enough to come home on both occasions when she clearly wasn’t. It was almost as if they needed the bed.

“The last time she was taken in they kept her in. Yet, when she started to deteriorate on the night she died, they didn’t call us until it was too late.

“I understand they also tried to revive her even though she had said she didn’t want resuscitating. I’m upset because I think she deserved better.”

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  1. Thomas Matterson

    I think this is so wrong, sorry to the family and hope you get justice for what the staff at this NHS hospital have done to your family. R.I.P to your lost member.

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