New Doggie Daycare centre comes to Preston

Auntie’s Doggie Daycare is the new day care centre for dogs that is coming to Preston in late February.

Located in Essex Street, Deepdale, the 5000 square foot centre will care for dogs providing specialist daycare and grooming services.

The centre will include a spacious play area, a puppy club, and a boutique packed with recommended canine care products.

The new daycare facility is a franchise of the Aunties Doggie Daycare facility in Lostock Hall which has been running for almost ten years.

Lisa Pye, founder of Aunties Doggie Daycare, said: “The Auntie’s concept has so much to offer – it’s not about leaving dogs to entertain themselves; structured activities like treasure hunts, walks and agility courses challenge dogs, and keep them active and engaged.

“Auntie’s pups are encouraged to explore, socialise, and learn canine etiquette – or ‘doggie manners’! – which makes for happier, healthier dogs in the long-term.

“We’ll be open from 7am until 6.30pm so busy pet-owners can get their pets settled in before heading off to work, safe in the knowledge that they are being well looked after from the moment they walk through the doors.”

Aunties Doggie Daycare will welcome all dogs that meet its neutering, inoculation and behaviour requirements.

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