‘Off-grid’ parents whose child took a wee live on This Morning

THE parents of a toddler who took a wee live on This Morning were visited by social services after “vindictive trolls” reported them for child cruelty.

Matt and Adele Allen, from Brighton, shocked the nation when their daughter Ostara, one, toddled away from the famous sofa to have a sneaky leak.

But that wasn’t the half of it – the couple revealed that their six-year-old son Ulysses was illiterate and was still breastfed, and that they let the children play barefoot in woodland as their ‘education’.

However, it seems that their appearance of the hippy couple and their ‘feral children’ caused more than just a Twitter backlash – they ended up getting a visit from the authorities.

Speaking in this week’s That’s Life! Adele revealed the terrifying aftermath of their controversial slot last July.

The 32-year-old said: “Viewers were appalled, calling our children ‘feral’ and ‘out of control’.

“They said my daughter wasn’t wearing a nappy. It was true we didn’t use disposable nappies. But we did use cloth ones.

“Yet vindictive trolls reported us to social services…

“‘Come in’, I told the social worker when she made a home visit. ‘I’ve nothing to hide.’

“She left, satisfied they were happy and healthy.”

The Allens’ shocking appearance on This Morning left Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford gobsmacked.

Viewers were horrified by their children’s behaviour, and accused them of raising “feral children” as they clambered over the sofas and made animalistic noises as the adults spoke.

One tweeted: “These 2 are f***ing mental!#OffGridParenting weirdos eating random leaves down the park,the garden is disgusting and the kids are feral!”

Another said: “I think when your kid p***es live on TV and then jumps on the couch you probably have to rethink your parenting strategies #offgridparenting.”

Adele – who is staunchly anti-vaccinations – excused her brood’s poor behaviour by explaining she can’t discipline her eldest child as he is “too sensitive an individual".

She added that he stopped breastfeeding when he turned six as “he decided it was the right time to stop".

His decision to move solely on to solid food wasn’t the only reason why the kooky mum wasn’t expressing milk for his school lunchbox.

She added: “When September came, I didn’t drop Ulysses at the school gates like other mums.

“Instead we spent the day foraging in the garden. I was delighted when he pulled up a handful of mint and chewed on it happily.

“I smiled at Matt, ‘Being out here in the fresh air is much more inspiring than being in a stuffy classroom.'"

Adele and Matt are still intent on relocating their family to Costa Rica to live a “free-range lifestyle".

Speaking to That’s Life!, Adele said: “For us, it’s the only way that makes sense."

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