OUTRAGE: Vandals attack pre-school in Fulwood

Staff and parents at a Fulwood pre-school have been left outraged after vandals attacked their outdoor area for the fourth time.

Children at St Anthony’s Pre-school on St Anthony’s Drive in Fulwood, have been left without full access to the outdoor space after thugs damaged artificial grass and set fire to a compost bin, says the pre-school Manager.

The latest incident, which is thought to have caused at least two-thousand pounds worth of damage, took place overnight on Monday 6 February.

The bin fire fortunately went out of its own accord but staff were horrified to discover the senseless damage when they arrived to work.

Preschool Manager Vicky Salisbury said: “Staff and carers are very upset and frustrated by these acts of vandalism.

“This is the latest in a series of attacks that have been going on for over 5 months.

“Staff are keen to give children the very best experience they can have at our pre-school, and these vandals are stopping us from doing this.

“Children are now unable to go outside and play in the whole outdoor area.

“The pre-school is run as a charity, not for profit, so the more the vandals damage the less the children have.

“It’s come to a point now where staff are wondering what they’re going to find when they come into work in the mornings. It’s outrageous that people would behave like this."

A police spokesman said: “St Anthony’s Pre-school has been experiencing bouts of Anti-Social behaviour which has resulted in an arson incident overnight Monday 6 February through to Tuesday 7 February.

The annex building is used for a variety of community activities including preschool and beavers/scouts. This damage dramatically impacts on the use of the centre and incurs a cost to the school to repair. Thankfully no one was hurt on this occasion."

A police investigation in on-going.

Staff and carers are now actively trying to fundraise to offset the costs of the vandalism and replace play equipment that was damaged in previous incidents.

Anybody with information can contact the police on 101 quoting SA1701827.

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