Pendulum removed from the Harris due to safety concerns

A giant pendulum suspended from the ceiling of a Preston museum has been removed.

Foucault’s pendulum at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery was taken down over fears the rope holding it wasn’t secure.

A spokeswoman for Preston City Council explained why the pendulum had disappeared from public view.

She said: “The pendulum was removed after an eagle eyed member of the Visitor Services Team noticed that there was some wear and tear on the cable attached to the roof over 120ft up.

“We took the pendulum down while we arrange the repair which we hope will be in the next few weeks.

“Apparently the cable had to be replaced on an earlier occasion and the latest arrangement dates from around 1992.”

Visitors to the Harris will also see the clock, which stood in the centre of the rotunda, has been moved to the side.

The spokeswoman confirmed this was to create space for the Harris Live concerts and other events within the museum.

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