Plungington shop wants to extend booze sale hours

A Newsagents in Preston is applying to trade 24-7.

Price Check in Plungington has tabled proposals to be able to serve alcohol every day of the week.

It would expand its current licence from being able to serve from 8am to 11pm each day.

The shop, which used to be Premier Stores, says it will operate a night pay window between midnight and 7am facing into Plungington Road.

However, the store faces an objection from a nearby homeowner.

They have written to the Preston City Council licensing department to register their complaints about the granting of any licence.

The resident writes “Price Check borders directly onto our property and the granting of a 24-hour sale of alcohol from this store would likely lead to disruption and public nuisance in the early hours for both ourselves and our neighbour.

“The area is predominantly residential and there is no call or need for the availability to purchase alcohol at all hours of the day from the community.

“Anti-social behaviour is already an issue in the area, especially in the early hours when intoxicated members of the public are making their way down Plungington Road after leaving town centre.

“The availability to purchase more alcohol along this road at such unsociable hours would contribute to this, with people loitering in the area and being disruptive.”

Councillors on the city council’s licensing sub-committee are due to meet on Monday 18 September from 10am to consider the application.

Price Check, in its application, proposes a number of conditions to its alcohol-sales – including ensuring the store itself is shut when the night pay window is in operation.

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