Preston Caribbean Carnival 2017


Isle In Harmony. Carnival Dance troupe.
The Biggest Diverse carnival troupe in Preston, boasting over 70 children.ranging from 3-15 year old’s from some of the more deprived areas of the community, where opportunity is not always available.
Isle in Harmony is much more than a dance troupe, the children are taught from the onset that regardless of who you are and where your from you are all equal.
The troupe commit to weekly dance sessions to prepare for the carnival season, where as well as performing in their home town of Preston they also showcase at other local festivals and major carnivals across the country.. the troupe are pro active with charities and are often seen performing at several events over the year.
Isle in harmony isn’t just a troupe its family.
UNITY….Carnival Dance Troupe.
Unity is a newly established carnival Dance troupe for anyone over the age of 16 , that wishes to take part in carnival
Unity consists of approx. 25 adults aged 16-70. wearing  complimenting  costumes and  free styling to the music of carnival.
another proactive group towards charity events and are happy to showcase big carnival pieces to promote themselves and carnival as a whole.
 the values of the troupe is to keep the  spirit of carnival alive and flowing, and when they are on the road that is exactly what they do, encouraging crowd engagement, with an attitude of it doesn’t matter how old you are .. carnival is for everyone.
Let go of your week day  attitudes and responsibilities  and lets have some fun…
What do we look to expect from this years carnival

Preston carnival is the largest and longest running cultural celebration in Preston outside of the

Preston Guild, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. Preston comes alive in May as the

city dances to the rhythms of the Caribbean.

Carnival is open to people of all ages and is a platform for anyone who wishes to promote the

essence of all that is positive about Caribbean Carnival.

It all starts Sunday 25th June 2017 at 12 Noon when the procession travels from Moor Park, down

Deepdale Road and through the city centre ending up in Avenham Park, where there will be lots of

music and dance to get everyone in the party spirit.


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