Preston Police issue warning for those who filmed van fire

Preston Police has issued a warning for those who were filming a fire in the city centre today.

A van caught fire on the Flag Market in the city centre after the engine overheated.

Witnesses reported over 200 people gathered to watch the fire be extinguished with many filming on their phones.

PCSO Ross Tinline said: “We have just been dealing with a van on fire at the junction of Friargate and Market Street. Fortunately no one was injured and the van has now been removed.

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“I would advise that standing next to a burning vehicle trying to get the best photo possible is not a good idea, and please save your marshmallows for toasting another day, the engine fluid may ruin the flavour a little…”

The fire started at around 12.45pm but was quickly extinguished by firefighters from Preston.

Jamie Palmer, the owner of nearby Yo Burrito, said: “Somebody parked a van at the Flag Market. It started smoking and got gradually worse then it was on fire.

“The fire engine was there within a couple of minutes so somebody must have called while it was smoking.

“There was a huge crowd, it must have been around 200 people, with lots of people filming on their phones.”

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