The 60 Minute Takeover

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Johnny Bee


  • Old School

How did you get into city beat and radio?

It’s all started when I was a little boy. I used to listen to radio and tape the tracks off the radio onto a tape and talk in between tracks that’s when I knew what I really wanted to do. I done my work experience in a radio station based in Liverpool and then I started Internet radio back in 1999. Since then I have worked on radio stations across Liverpool Manchester Wales and also Preston and barrow. For five years I worked on Juice FM in Liverpool alongside denny dowd every Friday and Saturday before I moved on to KCC Live in Liverpool to have my own radio show which has been going on for a good six years now

I have been lucky in the last year to get myself a slot on citybeat here in Preston called the house party and I am very happy with the feedback that has been happening over the last year.

What’s your favourite thing about The House Party?

My favourite thing at the minute is the fact that I get to play the music that my love here on Saturdays and I love my show name which is called the house party

If you could interview one person, who would it be?

It would have to be Michael Jackson who has sadly passed away. So that’s never going to happen.


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