Swingers club to open in Preston

A swingers club is preparing to open on the outskirts of Preston city centre.

Located opposite The Mill the former nightclub is being converted into the couples club.

Named Club Entic3 (Entice) the Aqueduct Street club says it will ‘fulfil your wildest dreams’ and is ‘hidden away in a discreet location’.

With a strict dress code and membership fees the swingers club is currently in the process of transferring the alcohol licence from the previous occupants.

The building, which has been a nightclub over the decades as September’s, Buzz and Ignition, has seen major work done to the inside.

The club is due to be open from lunchtime until the early hours on a number of days, with opening until 2am on Fridays and 3am on Saturdays.

Inside it boasts the ‘box room’ which states is where you can ‘let the naughty fun begin’, a mirrored room allows ‘you and your partner, and or playmates, make with all the mirrors at every angle’.

A couples only area is also listed which states ‘it’s time to get messy and let the orgies begin’ – with dedicated shower areas.

Club Entic3 has entry fees and membership fees listed, with singles ladies able to buy a £10 lifetime membership and single males charged £40 for six months.

Swingers clubs do not need to apply for a licence to Preston City Council to operate and are not classed as sex establishments.

The club says it operates a ‘no means no’ policy and has a strict dress code for entry, no sportswear, baseball caps and hoodies.

A spokeswoman for the city council said: “The council are awaiting a transfer application for the alcohol licence from the new operators at this premises. Once this is received, the venue can open as planned.”

Previously the nearest swinging club to Preston was in Chorley.

Swinging is not illegal and is defined as a ‘lifestyle of non-monogamy where sexual relations occur outside the established couple.’

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