Tim Fernandez


How did you get into Radio and working at CityBeat?

I first started in radio at BBC Radio Lancashire as a news reporter, having previously worked as a journalist in local newspapers. My first experience of doing a live news event was covering the local elections as an anchorman at one of the voting counts. It was incredibly nerve racking but a tremendous rush when you went out live on air. I also got my first taste of presenting at the station and knew instantly this was something I would love.

What’s your favourite thing about Indie Rock Heaven?

I love the fact that the priority of the show is to give exposure to new music and new bands and provide that all important alternative to what you hear on daytime radio. We aim to play the very best in indie, alternative rock, punk and electronic music and also feature interviews with some of the leading indie and alternative acts on tour in the North West. If it’s cutting edge sounds you want, you’ll find it on our show every week.

If you could have ONE guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Ideally it would have been Nirvana but sadly that’s no longer possible. But right now it would probably be Everlast (formerly of rap crew House of Pain). He’s become one of the finest solo artists and songwriters of our generation and hearing him play in our studios would be electric!

Also from a purely selfish point of view I’d probably go for the actress Charlize Theron. Hopefully she’d be a fan of alternative music but I think we could talk just about anything and I’d be suitably enthralled!

Tell us about yourself.. What hobbies and interests do you have outside of CityBeat?

I am a big sports and fitness fan so you’ll often found me at the gym or on the football pitch. I also have a growing passion for my rock guitar so you’ll often find me cranking up the riifs at home when the neighbours are out.

  • 01772446226
  • Preston, Lancashire