The Gamull – Preston boarded for last time?

The Gamull is a large pub situated on the busy Longridge Road, just two miles from Preston City Centre. It is located in a densely populated area and surrounded by shops and other businesses. The pub is within easy access of the M6 motorway and benefits from being located on a main bus route. We believe this pub should be a fantastic community local and with the right licensee in situ we want to invest in the site – These works will include new signage, interior and exterior redecoration.

Preston Gamull Pub boarded for one last time? or is it?

So after speaking with Admiral Taverns today Citybeat have managed to clear a few things as to why the Gamull at Preston is boarded up yet again.  Being boarded up in the last few weeks is basically a security measure to assure that there is no damage to the internal of the property.  Ashley Kirk – recruitment Co – (01244 321 171), said “We are in fact talking with someone at the moment who is really interested in taking over the public house", however due to issues with the electricity being cut off there is nothing we can do until this issue has been sorted.

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Ashley Kirk the recruitment Coordinator for Admiral also in the same breath said “If anyone within the local community wants to look at taking on the Gamull as a business then to contact her via the phone number above.

After speaking with a previous tenants we managed to get a statement as to why they are no longer in the Gamull –  “When we were coming towards the end of our contract and ready to sign for another 5 years, the area manager said they was wanting to do a refurbishment but this would result in an increase in rent, which was already close to £700 a week, now in month’s before this we had been asking the brewery for help as most places people can go it’s £2,30/2.50 a pint and how we could not compete with them at the prices they charge us for a barrel we got zero help, so after month’s of no wages and bill’s mounting we concluded the business was no longer viable, so sadly gave our notice to quit, it was the hardest decision ever to make. Since we have left the Gamull there has been several managers who don’t seem to have made it work. we hope they get someone soon because it is a great pub in the heart of a great community and would be a crying shame to lose it,"
So at the end of this story we can confirm that the Gamull is not shut long term but only until the brewery find someone able to take on the local public house.

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2 Thoughts to “The Gamull – Preston boarded for last time?”

  1. James harrison

    It’s a shame it’s not open it’s such a good pub. Just needs a little money spending on it and a good landlord.

  2. Paul

    What the previous manager says about the owners is the reason so many pubs have closed…… they’re too greedy! you can get a barrel of beer from an independent supplier for nearly half what the owners charge, that’s why pubs free of tie are so much cheaper. I think such greedy owners need to think again about their attitudes to pubs, better open & selling rather than closed, deteriorating & security charges.

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