This eight-year-old is running 2k for her poorly cousin

Holly Worden is the eight-year-old from Preston who has decided to compete in a 2.2k race for her young cousin, Ruby.

On Sunday (12 March) Holly will be doing the sponsored run to raise money for the Young Epilepsy Charity as Ruby was diagnosed with the condition at 8 months old.

The run will take place at Abbey Village from 12.30pm.

Holly wanted to help raise money for Ruby in the sponsored raise after Ruby’s mum started fundraising for the Young Epilepsy Charity and Holly wanted to help out.

Kelly Worden, Holly’s mum, said: “Holly enjoys running and she has done two previous races in the past year so this was an ideal thing for her to do.

“Her race takes place on 12 March at 12.20 and it’s a 2.2k trail race.”

Holly Worden 8 yrs old

Since her diagnosis Ruby has undergone many hospital stays, ambulance trips, two anti-epilepsy medicines twice a day, and rescue medication.

Tania Worden, Ruby’s Mum, said: “I want to raise some very much needed funds for Young Epilepsy so they can continue to support families going through just what we went through, because I know our journey may not have been so rough had we known about the charity sooner!”

So far Holly has raised £210 on her GoFundMe page and £90 in offline donations.

You can donate to Holly’s Campaign via the online website.

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